A digital abstraction of the bonsai experience

Bonsai is the Japanese art of miniaturizing trees by growing them in small pots. Now you can create your own miniature trees in 3D right on your iPhone or iPod!

With a tap of your finger, iBonsai's sophisticated generative algorithm begins growing a unique digital tree. No two bonsai trees are the same! After about 30 seconds of growth, your mature bonsai becomes a beautifully rendered image in the sumi-e style of Japanese brush painting. The iBonsai algorithm produces a wide variety of trees: you might get simple, elegant shapes or twisted, complex creations. The randomness is the source of its beauty.

As iBonsai is an abstraction of true bonsai, you need not worry about watering or pruning your tree: simply watch it take shape before your eyes. In designing iBonsai we have carefully pruned the decision-making process in order to give you a hands-free aesthetic experience. For those that wish to have some control over the process, try using the shaping tool to guide your tree's growth.

If you liked Koi Pond, you will love iBonsai. Download it today to enjoy the zen-like relaxing nature of this ancient art form.


Sheer beauty and brilliance... this is one of those apps you need to experience hands-on... hard to pass up once you see it in action.
- iPhoneAppReviews.net

Steps to iBonsai's huge success: Put an awesome algorithm in a pot, water it with appealing art, and watch it grow into one amazing app.
- WhatsOniPhone.com

Infinitely diverse bonsai trees... it's very pretty.
- Gizmodo.com

The app is certainly ingenious.
- AllAboutiPhone.net

Relaxing and peaceful... quite original.
- iPhoneAlley.com

Spirit of the greatest masterpieces in Japanese 3D style ink.
- Japanese customer review

"Awesome, plain and simple." "My girlfriend is insidiously jealous that I have this." "One of the most relaxing, tranquil, and beautiful apps available." "A creative and artistic masterpiece wrapped up in a simple idea." "Really looks like it is being painted on your iPhone."
- Customer reviews